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Industrial Transmitters

Industrial transmitters for pH, ORP, conductivity and oxygen. 2 or 4-wire configuration, explosion-protected. Bus communication: HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Profibus DP and PA. Robust industrial housing with high IP protection. Suitable for outdoor applications. For analog and digital sensors. Easy and intuitive operation. From the DIN rail transmitter to the fully modular system.


Universal measuring system with 3 user-selectable slots for measuring, extension, and communication modules. Also for use in hazardous areas. The modular hardware and software concept of the Protos process analysis system allows the free combination of measuring, extension, and communication modules for flexible adaptation to any application.


Comprehensive product family in 2 and 4-wire versions, with BUS communication and explosion protection. Robust plastic housing, also for outdoor applications. Display with coloured backlighting for status diagnostics. Easy, icon-based operation. For analog and digital sensors. Large terminal compartment for easy installation. With its exceptional range of functions and application-oriented design, the Stratos series is well-established in the entire chemicals industry, in process and power plant engineering and in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Universal application options in indoor and outdoor areas, in all conceivable network architectures, and the virtually unlimited combination options with almost all commercial sensors for fluid analysis have made Stratos the standard product in national and international production systems.

Stratos Evo

Depending on requirements, Stratos Evo can be simply switched over to different process variables.

One Device for pH, ORP, Conductivity and Oxygen
The 4-wire multi-parameter device for measuring pH values, ORP, conductivity (conductive or inductive) or dissolved oxygen has a particularly powerful HighPower broad-range power supply on board, allowing for the use of optical oxygen sensors in addition to analog and Memosens sensors.

Fully Digital Integration Avoids Interference
The fully digital Stratos Evo platform allows for interference-free processing of measurement signals which are already digitized in the sensor. If analog sensors are used, the device already performs fully automated parameter detection when the measurement module is connected.

Supply of External 2-Wire Transmitters
The HighPower power supply provides an additional advantage through the ability to also supply external 2-wire transmitters such as pressure or flow rate transmitters. The respective signal can be looped through the 4 … 20 mA input and displayed.

Visualization of the Operating States Through Color-Coding
Stratos Evo features intuitive operation via a color-coded user interface. The widescreen display indicates the respective operating states in six different colours: The normal measurement mode is backlit in white, information is indicated in green. Separate colours are also used for the diagnostics menu, maintenance requirement notifications and Hold mode. The alarm status is shown in dark red, and red flashing of the display indicates invalid inputs or false passcodes. Clear, self-explanatory pictograms also provide for an easier overview.

Explosion Protection Zone 2 (ATEX, IECEx)
The device can be used in Ex Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Digital Communication Stratos Evo is available with optional HART communication or as PROFIBUS DP device.

Stratos Pro

Stratos Pro offers pioneering solutions for analysis of pH, ORP, conductivity and oxygen using 2-wire technology. The devices enable intuitive operation with color-coded user guidance. They are designed for operation with analog sensors or Memosens sensors, even in hazardous areas.

Outstanding properties
A number of outstanding technological properties make the Stratos Pro series the new benchmark for 2-wire analysers. Coloured screen backlighting has been implemented for the first time in this device class, with the lowest possible power consumption.

Wide Range of Functions
2 digital inputs are provided, as well as an analog input plus a second current output for another measured value.

Zone 1 Explosion Protection
Stratos Pro is designed for operation in Zone 1 / Class 1 Division 1 hazardous areas (with the sensor in Zone 0). Operation in hazardous areas from -20 °C to +65 °C is possible. The devices are designed for gas and dust explosion protection (G/D) and can naturally also be used outdoors (type 4 enclosure, UV resistant).

Digital Communication
Stratos Pro is available with optional HART communication or as PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus device.

Stratos Eco

Stratos Eco is our series of high-tech analysers available at reasonable prices. These powerful basic versions now provide superior Knick technology for standard applications in a wide range of industrial and infrastructural sectors - from water treatment to seawater desalination to fish farming.

Backed by a 3-year warranty, the 4-wire devices for the measurement of pH values, conductivity or oxygen are highly reliable even in the long run.

Uncompromisingly good
From the calibration timer to the GainCheck automated device self-test, from the red alarm LED to the Sensocheck sensor monitoring system.

Easy to operate
The self-explanatory user interface guarantees comfortable and intuitive handling. The measurement values and temperature are displayed simultaneously on the large, high-contrast LCD. Measurement values in plain text. Internationally understood pictograms provide operating information and indicate unusual operating states. Status indicators provide information on the current operating mode. The very flat and fully encapsulated electronics are integrated in.

Stratos MS

The digital Stratos MS multiparameter device can be configured to measure pH, ORP, conductivity (conductive/inductive) or oxygen.

Affordable Multi-Parameter Transmitter
With the Stratos MS, Knick is now offering a low-cost, purely digital version of its Stratos analysers that can be configured to measure pH value, ORP, conductivity (conductive or inductive) and dissolved oxygen. Designed for digital Memosens sensors, the Stratos MS is the counterpart to the Stratos Eco analog analyser.

Unique User Interface
The self-explanatory user interface guarantees comfortable and intuitive handling.

2-Color Backlit Display
The large, high-contrast LC display simultaneously indicates measured values and temperature in plain text as well as measurement symbols. In normal measuring mode the display is backlit white. The alarm status has a particularly noticeable red display colour and is also signalled by flashing display values. Invalid inputs or false passcodes cause the entire display to flash red so that operating errors are significantly reduced. Internationally recognizable icons provide operating information and draw attention to unusual operating states.

The 4-wire multi-parameter device for measuring pH values, ORP, conductivity (conductive or inductive) or dissolved oxygen has a particularly powerful HighPower broad-range power supply on board, allowing for the use of optical oxygen sensors in addition to analog and Memosens sensors.


Space-saving and low-cost DIN rail analyser for use with Memosens sensors. All process parameters. Easy configuration. Measured value output via 2 standard current outputs. Also with Zone 2 explosion protection. Ideal in combination with the MemoSuite sensor management tool.

  • Modular housing, 12.5 mm wide
  • Measurement of pH value, ORP, conductivity, oxygen and temperature
  • Memosens communication
  • 2 current outputs 4 to 20 mA, active or passive
  • 24 V DC power supply (screw terminals or bus connection) or
  • VariPower broad-range power supply, 90 to 230 V AC
  • Simple configuration via DIP switches
  • LEDs report operating and sensor states

MemoRail is the first genuinely compact, digital analyser for measuring pH values, ORP, conductivity, oxygen and temperature with Memosens sensors. Two analog active / passive 4 to 20 mA outputs supply the measurement values for process value and temperature to the process control system or a PLC.

Plug & Measure
MemoRail is immediately ready for measurement on connecting a precalibrated Memosens sensor. "Used" sensors can simply be replaced.

Optimum availability of the point of measurement is achieved by using precalibrated sensors with contactless Memosens technology. Calibration is no longer carried out on site but under reproducible conditions in the laboratory with the new MemoSuite software tool. Separate sensor data are always directly assigned to each Memosens sensor. Problems at the connector involving humidity, corrosion or even defective galvanic isolation are a thing of the past.

With its simple configuration via DIP switches, MemoRail is set up only once for the measurement parameters and ranges. For precise adjustment to the application, a range of variants is available, including models with one or two analog current outputs which can be active or passive. The unit is supplied with 24 V DC via screw terminals / bus connectors or with 90 to 230 V AC via the integrated VariPower broad-range power supply. LEDs report operating and sensor states.

The outstanding properties of MemoRail enable the implementation of measurement stations with low overall costs, especially in combination with modern Memosens sensors specially tailored for use with MemoRail.


MemoRail offers economical alternatives in applications such as:
  • drinking water
  • wastewater, sewage plants
  • aquaria, fish farms, greenhouses
  • fermentation
  • rinsing equipment
  • car wash systems
  • water treatment plants/equipment

Furthermore, with its narrow modular housing, MemoRail is perfectly suited to installation in restricted spaces - e.g. in control cabinets, fermenters, or on ships.

MemoSuite - The Software Tool

Fast and User-Friendly
The MemoSuite software enables reproducible calibration of Memosens sensors in the laboratory. Calibration under adverse ambient conditions on site is no longer necessary.
The only thing required there is the quick and uncomplicated replacement of the sensors for precalibrated sensors.

Two Versions
MemoSuite Basic and MemoSuite Advanced meet different application-specific requirements:

MemoSuite Basic
calibrates Memosens sensors.

MemoSuite Advanced
also executes diagnostics and database documentation of the sensors. The database complies with the requirements of GMP and FDA CFR 21 Part 11.